The financial sector is changing and only few companies will make a difference in the next years, riding the wave that will bring the society a new shape for finances. In AdviceRobo we are demonstrating to the financial entities that there is another way to trust people. It is not about the money you have or about your financial background, it is about who you are and how you envision your life.

We are NOT hiring through Recruitment Agencies.

Data scientists

Location: Amsterdam

We are looking for data scientists who thrive in a fast-paced, heavily collaborative and iterative environment. In that role, you’ll be an integral member of the team developing our Machine Learning models to lend money to and monitor risks in behaviour of consumers of whom traditional information lacks.  

You have exceptional statistical, mathematical, predictive modelling as well as business strategy skills to build the algorithms. You also are a good communicator, able to engage people in English both inside and outside the company in your development. You are passionate about understanding how to integrate data sources into improved risk and marketing prediction models. Of course, you can program, preferably in different programming languages such as Python, R, Scala. You are aware of all significant developments in the latest analyst space, and are capable of quickly mastering new approaches. And, also important, you have a winners mentality always finding your way out of complex data puzzles.

We are NOT hiring through Recruitment Agencies.