Do you want an improved screening of new applicants, increase your acceptance at same or better risk levels, at low cost?

Easy to connect plug-in embedded in all digital channels

Measured via an online questionnaire the applicant fills in. The score and subscores are immediately calculated and send - via an API - to the lender or platform. This gives insights about customer behaviour and profiles. The AdviceRobo plug-in solution - via Javascript -  guarantees an easy implementation in the current customer journey. The psychographic credit score of AdviceRobo is based on academic proof and customer experience.

It is important that our supplier of credit scores understands our needs. We have found in AdviceRobo a solid technical team, and a warm and considered way of working that allow us to explore and take advantage of the opportunities we are looking for. The collaboration with the AdviceRobo team is outstanding. Their technical savvy team supports us all the time.
— Rodrigo Baluk, Program Director Alumbra by Banco Macro Foundation, Argentina