The psychographic credit score of AdviceRobo is an alternative and improved way of credit scoring that enables lenders or crowdfunding/P2P platforms to asses someone’s creditworthiness without having data on transaction history. Thin-file customer segments like SME’s, self employed, start ups and millennials are perfect examples. 

Measured via an online questionnaire the applicant fills in. The score and subscores are immediately calculated and send to the lender or platform. The psychographic credit score of AdviceRobo is based on academic proof and customer experience.

The benefits of the psychographic credit score

  • Improved screening of new applicants;
  • Increased acceptance at same or better risk levels, and at low cost;
  • Insights about customers behaviour and profiles and understand their needs;
  • Plug-in (via Javascript) guarantees easy implementation in current customer journey.

Plug in with API embedded in digital channels