[ARTICLE] Psychographic targeting of robo-advice solutions is key for conversion. Diederick van Thiel (CEO AdviceRobo) published “Targeting the robo-advice customer” in the latest Journal of Financial Transformation (30 November 2017).


[EVENT] AdviceRobo is included in Fintech100 for 2017– world’s leading fintech innovators! Fintech100 is a collaboration between H2 Ventures and KPMG (15 November 2017).


[ARTICLE] AdviceRobo company profile on Retail Banker International, a global editorially independent retail banking briefing service (27 October 2017)

[EVENT] AdviceRobo is honoured to be one of the 2017 Finalists in F5 Awards, category Data Analytics, by CreditStrategy. F5 Awards, The Future of Finance, is the dedicated awards ceremony focused on the evolution of the alternative lending market (26 October 2017).


[INTERVIEW] Diederick van Thiel, CEO of AdviceRobo interviewed by Fintech Spain. Read about Psychometric scoring and the challenges for the Spanish market for retail credit (in Spanish, 2 October 2017).


[ARTICLE] AdviceRobo is proud to be in champions league of European Fintechs, The FinTech50 2017. CNBC writes about the 50 hottest fintech firms in Europe right now (7 June 2017).

[BLOG] Winning the Insurers’ race with robotics, by Diederick van Thiel, CEO AdviceRobo (7 June 2017).

Logo MUNT Hypotheken - AdviceRobo.png

[PRESS RELEASE] MUNT Hypotheken tests AdviceRobo psychometric credit scoring to improve on boarding mortgages. Read our press release (in Dutch, 17 May 2017).

logo NIBC AR.png

[PRESS RELEASE] Dutch-based NIBC Direct, providing mortgages, works with AdviceRobo. AdviceRobo uses machine learning to prevent late payments. This early warning tooling helps NIBC to pro-actively flag mortgage clients that could fall into default. Read our Press Release (in English or in Dutch, 6 April 2017).

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[UPDATE] Dutch FinTech Awards 2017. AdviceRobo is one of the 50 hottest Dutch #FinTech companies of 2017. And also, AdviceRobo is top 3 finalist in category Risk, Intelligence & Security (4 April 20147).

[PRESS RELEASE] Dutch mortgage broker Viisi uses AdviceRobo advanced credit scoring. Read our press release (in Dutch, 24 January 2017).

[ARTICLE] Great stuff on winners in Dutch Fintech: ´Fintech-start ups zijn de grondstof voor het nieuwe bankieren’. AdviceRobo is proud to be one of them. Read the article in Het Financieele Dagblad (in Dutch, 24 January 2017).


[BLOG] Do or die: Robo-advice & Psychometry. What drives wealth management winners in 2020? Read the Finextra blog by Diederick van Thiel, CEO AdviceRobo (27 December 2016).


[BLOG] Use of algorithms for front-liner empowerment is one of the trends in “Top 10 Insurtech Trends for 2017” by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks. That is where AdviceRobo can help. Read the Top 10 (21 December 2016).




[PRESS RELEASE] AdviceRobo has made the shortlist for the 2016 F5 Awards. We are nominated in the category “Data & Analytics Excellence”. Credit Strategy is the host of the F5 Awards on 13 December 2016, London (4 December 2016).



[BLOG] Consumers become data-generators. As a reward we expect companies to better personalize offerings. Van Thiel explains in his blog how.



[PRESS RELEASE] Advising qualities are the most important factor in Robo advice. "At the moment however, ‘robo advice' is a one size fits all solution. This could be much better, much more tailored," Diederick Van Thiel (CEO AdviceRobo) says. Van Thiel published a scientific research “Explaining Customer Experience of Digital Financial Advice” in Economics World (25 October 2016). Read the Press Release.





[INFOGRAPIC] AdviceRobo is proud to be part of the Dutch Fintech landscape. Challenging the incumbents (by Capgemini). Click on the picture to enlarge





[VIDEO] AdviceRobo was at Lendit Europe 2016. Diederick van Thiel, CEO talked about instant credit scoring, based on psychographic data and machine learning. Watch the interview!


[PRESS RELEASE] AdviceRobo reached 900,000 credit scores today. “We are proud to reach this milestone of 900,000 credit scored people within 10 months of our launch,” says Diederick van Thiel, CEO of AdviceRobo. Read our press release

[BLOG] Increasingly higher market risks & new regulation urge lenders to act now. New technologies like machine learninghave entered the financial industry. In this Finextra-blog Diederick van Thiel - CEO of AdviceRobo -  explains.


[ARTICLE] AdviceRobo - member of Level 39 - kicks off Seedrs campaign; targets the UK market (18 October 2016). Read it on Level39.

[ARTICLE] Worldwide there are 4.5 billion people unable to get a decent loan because they miss a credithistory. AdviceRobo uses machine learning and pyschometric testing to determine the credit rating. In order to strengthen its leading position in the UK, the Benelux and Spain. AdviceRobo has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. Read it.

[PRESS RELEASE] Today AdviceRobo, launches its Seedrs campaign. AdviceRobo is a leader in innovative robo-advice solutions, artificial intelligence (AI) credit scoring and behavioural risk prevention for the lending sector (18 October 2016). Read about it (in Dutch and in English).

[ARTICLE] “With current data-driven technologies, predicting who needs a mortgage at a certain moment is not the most difficult thing any more”, says Diederick van Thiel, CEO AdviceRobo.  Read Diedericks’ opinion.

[BLOG] Robo Advice: will it really change the lending market? Read this blog by Diederick van Thiel, CEO and co-founder AdviceRobo (6 July 2016).

[BLOG] Zonder krediethistorie, geen krediet? De toekomst van kredietverlening ligt in robo-advies (30 June 2016). Read this blog (in Dutch).

[ARTICLE] Insight on the Rise of Credit Robos in the lending market (22 June 2016). Read about it

[ARTICLE] Robo advies heeft de toekomst volgens 83% van de geldverstrekkers (21 June 2016). Read more about it (in Dutch)

[ARTICLE] Inzet big data en robo advies zorgt voor betere inschatting kredietrisico’s (21 June 2016). Read about it (in Dutch)

[ARTICLE] Robo advies heeft de toekomst (21 June 2016).
Read more (in Dutch)

[PRESS RELEASE] Robo Advice: 83% of lenders see this as the future (20 June 2016). Download - for free - the report Rise of the Credit Robos’ to get the exact survey figures and benchmark your current strategy to industry trends

AdviceRobo / Finextra report Rise of the Credit Robos (click to enlarge)

[VIDEO] Diederick van Thiel from AdviceGames talks about credit scoring.
See it here

[ARTICLE] Acht Nederlandse fintechbedrijven dringen door tot Europese FinTech Top 100 (29 March 2016). Read more about it (in Dutch)

[ARTICLE] 'Robo-advice' could help banks predict creditworthiness (27 March 2016). Read more about it

[VIDEO] AdviceRobo's on-stage presentation of CreditRobo.
See it here

[ARTICLE] 'Robo-advies' moet banken helpen kredietrisico te voorspellen (17 March 2016). Read more about it (in Dutch)

[ARTICLE] CreditRobo berekent automatisch kredietwaardigheid (10 February 2016). Read more about it (in Dutch)

[VIDEO] Interview of Rosali Steenkamer about CreditRobo, future of fintech and big data. Watch it here

[ARTICLE] Robot voorspelt wanbetaling kredietnemer (10 February 2016). Read all (in Dutch)

[ARTICLE] Robot voorspelt wanbetaling - CreditRobo maakt ongestructureerde data inzichtelijk (10 February 2016). Read more about it (in Dutch)