Advanced claim and fraud predictions

Finding fraudulent applications continues to be a difficult challenge but is the only way to keep fraudsters off the books. And once these are in your books you’ d like to know when a fraudulent claim is done. AdviceRobo can design special algorithms to predict these types of transactions. It applies the behavioural data of your customers and will enrich it with external data to increase the accuracy of the predictions. It will enable you to focus on the suspect transactions, saving money and time and focus the energy on the right customers.

Psychographic scoring

Would you not like to know your customers better to serve them in a truly personalized way? The psychographic scoring of AdviceRobo will give you valuable insights on the financial attitude of your customers. The scoring of your customers is easy. With the scores AdviceRobo will analyze the actual behaviour of your customers. In a RoboStorm we will share the results and explore the strategies that can be derived from these.