Psychographic credit scoring

This solution is an alternative and improved way of credit scoring that enables banks to asses someone’s creditworthiness without having many financial data. Thin-file customer segments like self employed, start ups and millennials are perfect examples. But also in customer acquisition, to onboard unknown customers, psychographic scoring proves to be a solution to accept more and better customers. 


Early Warnings

With this solution, the bank will be able to continuously monitor risk on an individual basis for default, churn, loss giving default and bad debt. Based on the available financial, behavioural and other customer data the AdviceRobo AI in risk platform runs its predictions models and giving the bank insights in whom to target in its ‘special servicing strategy’. The servicing teams can help financially troubled people in time and prevent foreclosures. The teams will become more effective by working more focused on the right targets and improve customer lifetime value. Predict to prevent.

Predictive analytics and Machine Learning

Any specific question relating to your data and what insights and predictions could be derived from them, ask the team of AdviceRobo. We offer advanced data scans to show you the quality and readiness to move forward and apply new technologies such as Machine Learning. Also, we can develop specific models tailored for your needs.