Who we are

Our tech team is one of the key pieces empowering the engine of AdviceRobo, providing imaginative and never-seen-before solutions. Both in the technical and the psychosocial fields, we are adventurous and place our bets on imagination. If you are skilled with tech, believe in people and want to make a difference, join the wave.

What we offer to you

A job position as part of the data science team on a promising startup (with all the pros and cons it implies), with a salary (we all have a salary) and a wonderful working atmosphere (except when we run out of coffee). You can choose between working with us in our Amsterdam office or working at home if you are not living in The Netherlands.

What we need from you, as professional

Mainly, you like the challenges, you are creative, professional, capacity for working alone and in a team, open minded and like to have a life out of the office.

What we ask you, as candidate

We ask you to send us a Jupyter notebook describing the process of (1) analysis, (2) cleaning, (3) model training and (4) reporting for the provided dataset. 
You can use your favourite programming language (but here we all use Python, which means you can become the first non-Python data scientist) and the open source libraries you prefer.
This is not an academic assignment, which means that you cannot be right or wrong, and will not be one best answer. Our purpose is to see how you approach a problem and report the results.

The challenge

This is a data set with information about credit card holders. Some of them do not pay on time and, after a while, they stop paying (what is called a 'default state'). Your mission is to build a model that identify them. This other file contains the column definition.
You can submit your notebook together with a brief description of yourself (like a CV, a link to your personal webpage or your LinkedIn account) and anything else you may find interesting. Mail us at jointhewave@advicegames.com