Looking to reduce cost by automating manual risk assessment functionalities and optimize customer treatments? AdviceRobo Advanced Risk Analytics offers the opportunity to predict financial risks on an individual basis and to deliver predictive and prescriptive behavioural treatments to the customers driving good behavior.


Behavioural Risk Monitoring of healthy customers to predict future fragility, arrears, default and churn


Preventive Servicing to optimize treatments to avoid fragility, default and churn per individual customer


Risk Monitoring and Preventive Servicing to reduce costs by automating the full customer risk cycle


With Behavioural Risk Monitoring, the lender will be able to continuously monitor risk on an individual basis for default, churn, loss giving default and bad debt. Based on the available financial, behavioural and other customer data the AdviceRobo AI in Risk platform runs its predictions models and gives Preventive Servicing insights  whom to target in a ‘special servicing strategy’. The servicing teams can help financially troubled people in time and prevent foreclosures. The teams will become more effective by working more focused on the right targets and improve both ROI and customer lifetime value.

Predict to prevent


“Thanks to the early warnings from the inventive AdviceRobo-solution, we are even better placed to get in touch with clients proactively. Working with the people of AdviceRobo is always inspiring and they really know what our business is about.”
Gerben Jonkman, Associate Director Retail Banking NIBC Bank