The 5 promises of AdviceRobo to our customers

  1. We focus on realizing the customers’ business objectives.

  2. We deliver big data driven risk & marketing scores, treatments and tools.

  3. We are 100% compliant with current and upcoming regulations.

  4. The AdviceRobo solutions are super easy-to use (plug-and-play).

  5. The AdviceRobo solutions reduce customers’ costs per activity up to 20%.

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John Goedee, Will Reijnders, Diederick van Thiel

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KPMG acquires a minority stake in fintech AdviceRobo, developing technology that predicts financial risk of people and companies taking out loans. To predict risk, the company applies artificial intelligence( AI) on non-financial data including the behavior of potential borrowers. Read more (14 September 2018).


Explaining Customer Experience of Digital Financial Advice

Advising qualities are the most important factor in Robo advice. Diederick Van Thiel (CEO) published scientific research in Economics World (25 October 2016). Read the Press Release

Psychographic targeting of robo-advice solutions is key for conversion

Diederick van Thiel (CEO) published Targeting the robo-advice customer in the latest Journal of Financial Transformation (30 November 2017).

Team of stars

The AdviceRobo team is a great mixture of several disciplines: commercial guys and software geeks, arty designers and data nerds. Being the best in class and dedicated to change the world is what ties us together. We all hold academic qualifications in our profession and never stop learning. We like to be challenged and never accept the status quo. Hard work creates results so we love it! The balance comes from having fun at work, but also spending enough time at home doing the things we like, such as gaming, playing music, weight&powerlifting, running and cooking.

Diederick van Thiel and Rosali Steenkamer founded AdviceGames Holding in December 2013. The company has two brands: AdviceRobo that develops robo advisors for predictive services and the innovative psychometric credit scoring, and AdviceGames that develops gamified mobile experiences to increase customer engagement.

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AdviceGames is the legal holding entity. We operate under the brand name of AdviceRobo.


Our 3 Privacy & Security commitments

We are well aware of the sensitivity, security and privacy of the data we handle on a daily basis. These are our 3 commitments:

Listen to our story

CEO AdviceRobo, Diederick van Thiel interviewed about psychometric credit scoring and KPMG acquiring a minority stake in fintech AdviceRobo (in Dutch).

Rosali Steenkamer, CCO of AdviceRobo, excited her international audience at Hungarian OTP Bank with a pitch on psychometric credit scoring.

Watch our story

Diederick van Thiel, CEO and Rosali Steenkamer, CCO of AdviceRobo at Finovate London.

Diederick van Thiel, CEO of AdviceRobo at Lendit Europe 2016 about Psychometric scoring.

Rosali Steenkamer, CCO of AdviceRobo at Finovate Europe about the future of fintech and big data. 

Diederick van Thiel, CEO of AdviceRobo gives a 1 minute no-nonsense message on robo-advice.