Our inspiration

We've been entrepreneurs since 2009 when we started our company eyeOpen. Like with every start up, we had ups-and-downs; financially it wasn't easy. We experienced financial stress and had to cope with it while business life and private life went on. To grow as a company we needed money so we applied for a business loan at a bank. But we were rejected despite of the fact that we were former bankers and had not only perfect payment behaviour, but also a clean credit history. Why? Because the bank had no methods to predict the future and calculate scenarios to predict their risk with our business. We were not an exception - many people underwent this experience and were the basis for the spectacular growth of credit with alternative lenders which reached 57 trillion US dollars. Or generated funds of investors as we did.

We all understand that lending means risk for the lender. We therefore made it our profession to know where the risk is, to combine the traditional way of looking back with new methods, in order to predict the future. To do so, we apply methods from big data, behavioural finance and technologies, such as Machine Learning. This way we can help people act upon risk in time. We help lenders to precisely identify which customers may fall into default, or even worse, to bad debt, so that we can work together to prevent it. Being unable to make ends meet and pay your loan causes a lot of financial stress for lenders and borrowers alike. And we are convinced that this can be prevented.  We contribute a little drop of financial happiness to the world. 



Rosali Steenkamer

Rosali Steenkamer (1961) is the founder and the Chief Operation Officer (COO) of AdviceGames Holding. Before, she founded eyeOpen, world's first digital mortgage advice platform. This company was sold to Aegon in 2013. Her expertise and experience was awarded with, among others, the award for commercial entrepreneur. During her career she worked at Yves Rocher, American Express, ING Bank and Dexia. As the CCO of Alex Investment Bank she increased the number of customers big time and introduced one of the first robo advisors in the brokerage world. 



Diederick van Thiel

Diederick van Thiel (1968) is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AdviceGames Holding. Besides being the CEO of AdviceGames, he holds a non-executive director position at Ikano Bank. He enrolled for a PhD-program on big data driven financial customer experiences and Behavioural Science, to satisfy his endless curiosity in next gen customer engagement. His work and knowledge was rewarded several times, resulting in an award for Visionary European FinTech entrepreneur. Diederick was the founder of eyeOpen: world’s first digital mortgage advice platform. Before, he founded Nauticnet and sold it. Previously, he held board positions at ING, KPN Mobile and Vodafone.

Diederick van Thiel and Rosali Steenkamer founded AdviceGames Holding in December 2013. The company has two brands: AdviceRobo that develops robo advisors for predictive services and AdviceGames that develops gamified mobile experiences to increase customer engagement.


Team of stars

The AdviceRobo team is a great mixture of several disciplines: commercial guys and software geeks, arty designers and data nerds. Being the best in class and dedicated to change the world is what ties us together. We all hold academic qualifications in our profession and never stop learning. We like to be challenged and never accept the status quo. Hard work creates results so we love it! The balance comes from having fun at work, but also spending enough time at home doing the things we like, such as gaming, playing music, weight&powerlifting, running and cooking.

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Riding the waves 2020
John Goedee, Will Reijnders, Diederick van Thiel

As media drowns us with reports about the impending big changes for banks and other large financial institutions, 'Banking in 2020' gives a handy overview of the developments we can expect as globalisation, technological innovations and shifting consumer behaviour work to utterly transform the banking service industry. The book is inspiring for the professionals and as well for those interested in international banking trends.
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Got EQ? Cool!
Diederick van Thiel

'Cool! Profit through Experience Marketing' shows how experience brands such as Apple and Gucci won the hearts of the consumers. Why do the fans line up for hours to buy the latest products? Why are these brands being endlessly discussed online? Not even the most expensive ad campaigns can generate this sort of an impact. This book reveals the secrets behind experience marketing and offers entrepreneurs, managers and marketeers a clear path towards making their brands 'Cool!'
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