Wouldn't you like to know more about the creditworthiness of your applicants and customers? The solution lies in applying big behavioural data and machine learning to reveal additional information. That’s what AdviceRobo does. We specialize in applying psychographics combined with financial and other behavioural data to create rich insights that can be applied in your decisions and processes.

Our belief

Access to money is key for people and businesses to build their lives and businesses. However often they cannot get a loan because they are thin file and the lender cannot make the right credit decision. We believe that big behavioural data and the application of new technologies such as Machine Learning will offer the solution. This will help lenders to grant more loans and monitor risk.

AdviceRobo eats risk for breakfast

AdviceRobo masters the art of applying big behavioural data such as psychographics and Machine Learning (ML) technology to discover and monitor patterns that strongly enable risk reduction. AdviceRobo’s secret sauce is in its deep scientific knowledge on psychographics applied in their scoring models. It’s the psychographic which makes us eat risk for breakfast.

AdviceRobo solutions

Globally 67% of consumers are not credit rated. For those segments or countries where little or no reliable data is available, psychographic scoring is a proven solution. It enables lenders or online retailers to assess the creditworthiness of these thin file segments.

Consumers demand instant, personalized services. Regulators enforce financial institutions to apply personalized strategies for vulnerable customers. The behavioural risk score targets, profiles and monitors customers on default, loss giving default, bad debt and churn on individual customer level.

Our partners recommend AdviceRobo

AdviceRobo is an innovative partner supporting us with their psychometric credit scoring. Our cooperation really adds value to our business. They are a great bunch of people. We are happy to team up with them and benefit from their knowledge.
— Hergen Dutrieux, co-founder Viisi
Thanks to the early warnings from the inventive AdviceRobo-solution, we are even better placed to get in touch with clients proactively. Working with the people of AdviceRobo is always inspiring and they really know what our business is about.
— Gerben Jonkman, Associate Director Retail Banking NIBC Bank

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