Based on our knowledge about machine learning, behavioural science and gamification, we have the ability to include the 4,5 billion ‘thin-file’ customers with instant credit scoring for credit rating, default and churn prediction that increase life time value at lower risk.  We are the future credit scoring company applying big data and machine learning to support lending to millennials and SME’s.

Our belief

The financial sector is changing and only a few will make a difference in the next years, riding the wave that will bring society a new shape of finances. In AdviceRobo, we demonstrate to financials that another way to trust people is possible. It is not only about the money you have or your payment history. It is about who you actually are, how you envision your life and what motivates you.

We understand how digital and robo-advisors are fundamentally improving financials by reinventing trust and customer experience. The good thing that comes with this is access to finance for billions of underserved people globally.

CreditRobo eats risk for breakfast

The financial sector is currently being revolutionized by new technologies. New data, machine learning, biometry and blockchain are examples of these transforming technologies. AdviceRobo masters the art of applying new data on its psychographic machine learning models to discover and monitor patterns that strongly enable risk reduction. CreditRobo’s secret sauce is in its deep scientific knowledge on psychographics applied in their scoring models. It’s the psychographic which makes us eat risk for breakfast.

AdviceRobo solutions

Instant credit scoring is an alternative and improved way of credit scoring that enables lenders or online retailers to asses someone’s creditworthiness without having data on transaction history. Thin-file customer segments like self employed, start ups and millennials are perfect examples. But also in customer acquisition, to onboard unknown customers, instant scoring proves to be a solution to accept the better customers.

Early Warning Systems on default, bad debt and churn improve risk management in banks and next gen lending companies. In this instable economic climate with a long time low interest rates, bubbles may burst overnight. New legislation (IFRS 9) therefore obliges banks and lenders to create forward looking impairment models. Early Warning Systems powered by big data are supportive in this. But Early Warning Systems also improve customer lifetime value and profitability of customer bases by it’s continuous risk predictions on an individual basis.

AdviceGames is the legal holding entity. We operate under the brand name of AdviceRobo.

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